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KOIOS will continually strive to create the safest, natural, and science driven products to help you and your brain achieve optimal performance.

For so long our society has focused on supplementing the body and forgetting about the brain. Our corporate mission is to become the global leader in proprietary, patented and clinically proven formulas for the flagship brand KOIOS®.

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JANUARY 14TH – APRIL 14TH 2023 The Company has reviewed YAGO data from SPINS, comparing sales from January 14th, 2023 to April 14, 2023 with

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Frequently Asked Questions


KOIOS is manufactured in our Organic Certified, FDA-approved manufacturing facility in Golden, CO, USA. 

When we developed KOIOS, we wanted to ensure that we delivered the highest-grade ingredients in the safest way possible. Our mission is to deliver one of the world’s best functional beverages. We spared no expense so your brain could reach its fullest potential.

Our ingredients are sourced from the best possible places on earth and put through incredible scrutiny before we deliver them to you. Our product is safe and one of the world’s greatest nootropic blends packed into an incredibly delicious beverage.

Although the KOIOS beverages are safe and healthy to consume daily, we recommend that you consult with your physician if you have questions or concerns regarding any of the ingredients used in KOIOS.


Our manufacturing facility and each ingredient are FDA approved and compliant

KOIOS beverages contain 60mg of naturally occurring caffeine from green tea.

Fit Soda is caffeine-free!

KOIOS is Vegan, Fit Soda is Vegetarian.

KOIOS contains 60mg of naturally occurring caffeine.  So, although we consider KOIOS to be safe and healthy for daily adult consumption, we leave that decision up to the parents!

Fit Soda is safe for children! Fit Soda is caffeine-free and sugar-free, making our soda a better-for-you alternative to traditional soda pop.

The Lion’s Mane in KOIOS beverages is extracted from fruiting bodies.


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