You only get one brain, so care for the one you have

The ingredients in KOIOS benefit both the brain and body. With each sip of KOIOS, your brain and body are provided with the essential nutrients it needs to strive and perform.

Improve attention and mental capacity

The ingredients in KOIOS work harmoniously together to support enhanced brain function by increasing attention, mental capacity, memory, and cognition.

A healthy dose of vitamins and herbs

Over 2,000mg of active ingredients specifically formulated to help drive your brain and body to the next level of performance.

Glass With Burst

Koios has an incredible effect on our brain function, as proven by clinical brain scans

Koios BrainMapping Figure1 Grey
Before Koios

We have clinically tested KOIOS beverages using state of the art neurofeedback brain imaging. qEEG, or brain mapping, uses sensors to measure the electrical activity within our client’s brain. This allows us to see a baseline assessment unique to each client. With this information, we can usually see the root of any symptom or challenge they may be facing in their day-to-day life.

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After Koios

When comparing the general summary information figures 1 and 2, there are three main components that are noted. The first being a decrease in slow activity (delta and theta). For many, a decrease in slow activity can lead to quicker thought processes, better energy, sharper focus and an overall sense of mental clarity. The second finding is the increase in alpha. An increase in alpha will be important for many people as it is the brainwave responsible for homeostasis (an idling rhythm, or state of “normal”). In faster states of alpha, it is also associated with a peak alpha frequency (this will be discussed later) which can be linked with overall intelligence. The third finding is the increase in fast activity (beta and high beta). This brainwave is needed to feel alert, focused, and motivated. Seeing an increase in this brainwave could have many implications relating to the overall drive and energy of a person that might lack beta and is a very positive finding.

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I recommend KOIOS to all of the athletes who train in my gym, and it is the only product my trainers allow me to ingest before fights. Because KOIOS is natural and low in caffeine content it is ideal to keep me focused during fight camps.

– Chris Camozzi
UFC, Glory Kickboxing

As a woman its hard to find products that are not harsh and packed with stimulants. I love KOIOS because its natural, makes my brain feel amazing, helps me with workouts and allows me to be productive at work while feeding me wholesome ingredients.

– Amanda Basalyga
Director of Nutrition Black Iron Gym

I was gonna originally come here to tell you guys was how much I’ve fallen in love with this new brain and energy concoction I’ve been using for the past month! I’m the girl that’s abused Bang and caffeine so much that they don’t even work for me anymore and that second Bang going into coaching PM classes just made me irritable and kept me up late at night. Gave this blueberry lemonade powder a shot and daaaaamn I was awake af the whole night without caffeine and beta jitters AND I was able sleep normally when I got home. This bad boy is full of vitamin Bs, a special blend of minerals, naturally sweetened with stevia and it’s here to help you

– Danielle Szpindor
Cross Fit Games Athlete