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I was gonna originally come here to tell you guys was how much I’ve fallen in love with this new brain and energy concoction I’ve been using for the past month! I’m the girl that’s abused Bang and caffeine so much that they don’t even work for me anymore and that second Bang going into coaching PM classes just made me irritable and kept me up late at night. Gave this blueberry lemonade powder a shot and daaaaamn I was awake af the whole night without caffeine and beta jitters AND I was able sleep normally when I got home. This bad boy is full of vitamin Bs, a special blend of minerals, naturally sweetened with stevia and it’s here to help you.

– Danielle Szpindor
Cross Fit Games Athlete

“KOIOS makes me a gaming GOD! I don’t game without it.”

– Todd Williams/Anger
Professional Esports Player

As a woman its hard to find products that are not harsh and packed with stimulants. I love KOIOS because its natural, makes my brain feel amazing, helps me with workouts and allows me to be productive at work while feeding me wholesome ingredients.

– Amanda Basalyga
Director of Nutrition Black Iron Gym

I recommend KOIOS to all of the athletes who train in my gym, and it is the only product my trainers allow me to ingest before fights. Because KOIOS is natural and low in caffeine content it is ideal to keep me focused during fight camps.

– Chris Camozzi
UFC, Glory Kickboxing

Koios Beverage Reviews

Kbev Rocks!


Love the flavor! Been drinking for a month and my memory has definitely improved. I’m remembering codes and clients names that I usually have a hard time remembering. Best of all I don’t have to force or remember to take it like my other supplements cuz its just like me drinking my coconut water or vitamin water. I’ve tried all the other flavors and blood orange and pear guava is my favorite!

Gmsgrl · Reviewed on

Pear Guava


Thank you Koios…I’ve been looking for a way to kick my Red Bull habit…now I’ve found it. No more caffeine jitterers , sugar crash or guilt for what I’ve been doing to my body anymore. The mental sharpness and healthy feeling all around surprised me as I thought my diet was fairly healthy …Red Bull not withstanding… Love the Pear Guava

Brad · Reviewed on

Amazing Product!


Amazing product! Lion’s mane, MCT oil, tyrosine and Alpha gpc. Google the health benefits of those ingredients and you will see that with only 20 cal per can this is a Keto friendly, fat burning tool to utilize in your weight loss Journey. In total i have lost 80lbs be cutting out sugar and switching to keto diet, sleep and exercise daily.

Steven · Reviewed on

Good Energy drink substitute with good taste


I’ve had an energy drink dependency for many years now, and I would drink 2-3 monsters a day. My friend suggested this and I was skeptical, but I have been drinking it for 2 weeks and have not touched a monster since. It is more expensive(Which made me not want to buy it at first), but I feel more awake or focused for the whole day since I do not crash like i would after I drank a monster, and the ingrediants seem to be healthier(or even beneficial to make me focus more). I also like the taste(or I would stop buying it)

GregSanders · Reviewed on

Koios All Natural Energy Drink


I’ve tried peach mango which I love and pear Guava, which is also good. It definitely gives you energy but a clean and smooth energy. The taste is good and Ilook forward to that refreshing energy boost in the morning as soon as I wake up. I also like the fact it’s only 20 calories, plus MCT oil helps with clean energy and for helping me get my healthy fats for my keto weight loss diet. I will be trying more Flavours soon.

Derek · Reviewed on



Great healthy alternative to energy drinks and tastes great! I cannot wait for their line of Fit Soda. Still in desperate need for a healthy alternative for pop!

Brandon · Reviewed on

Great for exams.


Better than expected, ordered two flavors online, Both were good. Used during exams and focused well without the sugar which I am conscious to keep out of diet.

GeorgeH · Reviewed on

Other great flavors available


Both flavors available on Walmart taste awesome. Other flavors available that taste great are my personal favorite Apricot Vanilla, and Berry Genius. This is a great functional beverage that has replaced my morning coffee. I keep three flavors available in the fridge and rotate daily. I find myself craving a can mid-afternoon which really powers me through the rest of the day.

Bub · Reviewed on

Fantastic clean energy boost for the brain!


I took a leap on trying this and I am glad I did! The product does exactly as advertised. It has a clean delicious taste and I could feel the effect within minutes! I was more focused and my concentration was improved and best of all… no crash after! Highly recommend!

Jason · Reviewed on

Great nootropic stack!


I used to make my own nootropic stack, but then I found Koios. The stack that I found works the best for me was similar to that in Koios and tastes much better. Highly recommended for productivity!

Dev · Reviewed on

Fit Soda Reviews

Great beverage


First time I’ve tried Fit Soda … Root Beer Vanilla and Orange Creamsicle. They both taste great! I will definitely buy more! I’m a huge advocate of healthy, great tasting drinks that make you feel good. I have also tried Koios’ other beverages and enjoy them as well!

Bryson · Reviewed on

Met my expectations


Just received Orange Creamsicle Fit Soda and I really like it. Quenches thirst, 10 calories and it’s TASTY. Looking forward to other flavors being available, and GNC it wouldn’t hurt to stock this at the brick and mortars.

Daniel · Reviewed on

Root Beer Vanilla Float


I’ve never seen any marketing for this product so I was a bit skeptical. In the end I decided to give it a go and I’m really happy with this product! A very refreshing BCAA RTD and pretty spot on to it’s aimed flavor.

DJ · Reviewed on

Good taste..


Awesome taste..I would definitely recommends those who like to drink soda a good healthy replacement..

Theo · Reviewed on

Nootropic Powder Reviews

Great nootropic stack!


I used to make my own nootropic stack, but then I found Koios. What I had formulated for what works with me was similar to that in Koios drinks. highly recommended for productivity!

Devan · Review provided by

Blueberry Lemonade


It tastes absolutely amazing. I take one before and after the gym and put it into a soda with citrone

Nicholas · Review provided by

We are always innovating to create the worlds best tasting nootropic products

We have a proprietary blend that is infused with MCT Oil. It is the first drink of its kind.

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