KOIOS is designed to support
focus, memory, mental drive, clarity and energy, naturally.

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Improve productivity

KOIOS has created products that specifically deliver quality natural nutrients to your brain to support improved brain and body performance.

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Enhance Health

We use MCT Oil which is a fat derived from coconuts that delivers fast fuel for the body and brain.

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Brain Boost

One of the only drinks in a can in the world to use Lions Mane Mushrooms to support productivity, focus and creativity.

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Koios comes in two convenient forms:
Ready to drink beverages and easy to store supplement powder.

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Need a carbonated quick boost that is ready to go and tastes great?


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Want serious nootropic benefits in an easy to store supplement powder?


KOIOS is made using natural ingredients that are backed by science and clinical studies.

Full of amazing plant extracts that offer a healthy dose of vitamins & herbs that will help to improve attention and mental capacity.

The Formula Brain Benefits

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All-natural products backed by science,
that are sure to boost your love for Koios!

Our proprietary blend uses only high-quality ingredients sourced from the best possible sources to deliver a product that is not only safe but highly nutritional and beneficial.

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This sounds great, but…
What does this do for my mind & body?

Koios is a proprietary blend of all-natural nootropics. We have hand picked each ingredient to ensure you get the most out of your day, workout, game, life – you name it.

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Lets face it. Life can be difficult and traffic is dangerous and time consuming. Build your own monthly subscription of your favorite KOIOS products and have them delivered to your door each month. You will not only save money on KOIOS, but you will save money on gas as well. You can cancel at anytime without hassle, we promise. You have earned the right to sit back and be served.

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